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Has Statistical Process Control (SPC) been all Greek until now? Sigma Affiliates, Ltd, presents Easy SPC, a training course in a jargon-free context that is comprehensible to all employees. Easy SPC is a one day, structured training course, conducted at our Minneapolis facility, with a quiz after each group of sections and guaranteed results.


Your employees will be fully capable of:


                        Calculating and maintaining control charts/p charts


                        Recognizing and reacting to out-of-control conditions


                        Determining process capability


Your firm will be capable of supplying SPC summary data required by virtually all automotive customers. Sigma Affiliates, Ltd course instructors are experienced, statistical practitioners with manufacturing backgrounds.






1. Course objectives                                

2. What are statistics?                  

3. Types of data                             

4. Normal variation                                    

5. Non-normal variation               

6. Quiz - break                                

7. Probability concepts                

8. Sampling                         

9. Sample statistics                                                                       

10. Normal curve properties                     

11. Quiz - lunch      

12. Data recording 

13. Data analysis example

14. & R Charts

15. Precontrol charts 

16. Quiz - break

17. Out-of-control conditions 

18. Attribute charts 

19. Process capability

20. Final quiz                      




All course work can be done with a basic, four-function calculator. Students are requested to bring a calculator and data from processes they may be working on, both measurement and categorical (good/bad) data.


Price for the Easy SPC course is $350 per student, which includes copies of all material presented. A group session, accommodating up to fifteen students and presented at your facility, can be purchased for $2,000.