Many firms are presently out-sourcing a multitude of business processes, finding this approach to be more effective than having internal specialists to satisfy the process requirements.  The quality management system represents a significant out-sourcing opportunity, particularly if the firm does not presently have a formally constituted quality management system.  In this event, the firm will have to hire outside quality specialists or reassign and train internal personnel at significant cost in terms of expense and timing.  Many of the quality management processes are well suited to out-sourcing, e.g. customer satisfaction measurement or supplier quality management, as the processes are outside of the mainstream business processes and can be competently performed as a contracted service.



Sigma Affiliates offers contract management services in any quality management system process that a client firm is interested in out-sourcing, up to and including the entire quality management system.  Such services will include document/record management, quality system planning, preventive maintenance, product quality planning, design quality management using phased product development processes, supplier quality management, process validation, calibration, customer satisfaction, internal audit, product audit, quality data management and corrective/preventive action management.


If your firm has a need to implement or improve quality management system processes and is seeking the most cost-effective method for doing so, contact us using the Interest Form below.  We will assess your present situation and recommend an approach to satisfy the requirement.